The Undertaker Explains Mindset Behind Iconic 'Bong' In WWE Entrance Music

The Undertaker knows a thing or two about the importance of entrance music in the wrestling business. For three decades, fans knew exactly who was making their entrance at the sound of the gong. The Deadman is considered to be an all-time great and his presentation played a huge role in his success.

During an interview with ESPN, The Undertaker discussed just how important someone's entrance can be throughout their career. "Most people don't realize that the entrance is part of the match," The Undertaker said. "It really is. It sets the whole table for what you're about to do in the ring and what's going to happen from that point forward. When that bong went off, that was go time." Over the years, we've seen pro wrestling have an influence on sports. UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya walked out to The Undertaker's theme song for his UFC 276 title fight against Jared Cannonier back in July. The Phenom shared his theory behind why his theme song worked well even outside of the WWE audience.

"Everything with the Undertaker made perfect sense," he said. "The music fit the character. That's the key element of it. The end is at hand for whoever's going to be standing in that ring waiting for me to come down. That was the mindset behind the bong. And the music was just doom and gloom. You knew what was coming." The Undertaker made his formal exit from wrestling at Survivor Series back in November 2020. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022. At the end of his speech, The Undertaker teased fans, leaving them with his, "Never say never" line.