WWE Begins Monetizing The White Rabbit Craze

These days, WWE wants fans to go down a new proverbial rabbit hole, only this one includes buying new merchandise. The company recently got very cryptic on "WWE Raw" as fans were teased with QR codes and vignettes featuring a white rabbit. The rabbit played a game of "Hangman" on the Titantron before presenting the digits "9.23" — a likely connection to tonight's "WWE Friday Night SmackDown," which falls on September 23. Whoever is behind the mystery must also be big on capitalism; WWEShop.com is now selling shirts that feature the white rabbit in advance of the potential reveal. One features the aforementioned "Hangman" game, the other the white rabbit graphic.

Although viewers first caught sight of the rabbit this past Monday, WWE had been playing an audio tease – Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" – lately in their respective venues during commercial breaks. There has been heavy speculation as of late that all these clues could be leading to Bray Wyatt's return to the company. Another hint possibly exists in the latest advertisement for Extreme Rules, where a lantern could be seen in the background. Wyatt has also had a red circle emoji in his Twitter bio for the past several months coinciding with a red circle around a "sands of time" icon in the corner of the "9.23" vignette. 

Some believe that Wyatt could be forming an alliance with Karrion Kross and Scarlett who have their sights set on Drew McIntyre. Kross has hardly shied away from such speculation and has a bit of a "White Rabbit" link of his own. 

Since his release from WWE in July 2021, Wyatt has remained away from the squared circle.