Eddie Kingston Defends Current Generation From Critics Who Do Not Think They Are Tough

Eddie Kingston has not been afraid to share his thoughts and feelings about real-life situations and his depression, anxiety, and overall mental health, courageously sharing his story with "The Player's Tribune" since signing with AEW. There are critics, both fans and wrestlers alike, who believe that the previous wrestling generation is tougher than the current one that has taken over the pro wrestling business. Kingston defended the current generation of wrestlers against those who don't believe they are tough.

"Back then they were taking more risks; doing a lot more harder things outside of wrestling," Kingston said while appearing on "Blindsided." "Being in the business at 20, I caught the tail end of that stuff. Our generation has now left that all behind and the generation after me and the generation after me. We see the stories. We seen all of our favorites pass away way too early in our lives. We've all lost a bunch of friends in the business because they decided to go a certain route."

"You may hear things like, 'This generation is not tough,'" Kingston continued. "If you think that, you come see me. But, because why? Because we don't go and snort anything? Why? Because we don't have to carry guns around to protect ourselves that we're not tough, or just because we'd rather hang out with our friends and be safe and play a video game instead of going to a bar and trying to start a fight? I mean, things have to change because it wasn't working before because we lost too many greats who, in all honesty, should still be here today getting their flowers."

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