WWE legend The Undertaker sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

Months back, Undertaker got into hot water over an interview with Joe Rogan where he suggested the current WWE product was soft. When asked to clarify by Barrasso, Taker explained he meant no harm.

“I wasn’t bashing our talent,” Taker said “Our talent is extraordinary. What they’re physically able to do, I couldn’t imagine doing that back in the day.

“I have a lot of respect for our roster, but I came from a different time period. My point was it was tough back then. I remember when Triple H first came in, and he was shocked that I had black electrical tape on my boots.

“It was just a different time. We didn’t even have trainers on the road. If you had torn gear, you either wore it torn or you tried to fix it yourself. I’m so proud to be part of the evolution of our business. The industry has come so far. It’s a sign of the success and how far we’ve come.”

Finally Taker took the time to express his gratefulness towards one group; the wrestling fans.

“I’ve always considered myself extremely blessed. Wrestling fans are hugely loyal, and my fans have been with me during this whole journey. That’s so special to me.

“They deserve credit; they were vital to building and sustaining the Undertaker character. I never took that for granted. Look, tickets are expensive, pay-per-views are expensive. You need to work hard for your money, and people used their spending money on WWE and The Undertaker as their form of entertainment. That’s so humbling to me. I’ll put wrestling fans above any other fan base. Their support means the world to me.”