Konnan Weighs In On CM Punk's Controversial AEW All Out Media Scrum

At this point in time, it seems like everyone has an opinion about the now-infamous backstage brawl following the media scrum after AEW's All Out pay-per-view earlier this month. The latest commentary on the matter, and CM Punk's role in it, comes from Konnan, who is part of Major League Wrestling and Impact Wrestling.

"What I don't think was cool, bro, [was] he just totally embarrassed f***ing Tony, which is not cool," Konnan said in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman. "Because Tony's a cool dude, dude. I don't think he deserved that. When he told them, you don't need to clarify anything mean he just punked him. If it would've been me, it would've been a whole different story. I would've cut his mic off and that would've been the end of it. Tony just kind of, what could he do, bro? I felt so bad for him because I like Tony."

Despite his sympathy for Khan, Konnan acknowledged that Punk was not the only wrestler to lose his cool.

"I've been in the Punk situation when I've been super mad, and I just went off on everybody or quit," he continued. "I've been in the Punk situation, [although] I never did it during a scrum."

Konnan wondered if Punk "holds onto vendettas too long" and questioned if he would "be willing to go into the ring and do business with 'Hangman' [Adam] Page – I just think this is a guy he never wants to work with." Nonetheless, Konnan would not be washing his hands of Punk.

"Bro, I'm a Punk fan," he said. "Look, when I used to watch WWE, he was the last person that for me was must-see TV. I was watching every week when he was throwing the pipe bombs. He was going toe-to-toe with Hunter, he was going toe-to-toe with Vince ... I was so happy when it came back to AEW. Like I told you before, I didn't like the 'aw, shucks, I'm happy to be back' Punk. That was very boring. I like angry Punk."

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