Updates On Darby Allin, Brody King And Julia Hart Following AEW Grand Slam

Opening last night's AEW Grand Slam edition of AEW "Rampage," Darby Allin and Sting took on Buddy Matthews and Brody King of the House of Black in a brutal no-disqualifications match. Allin and Sting were busted open, House of Black member Julia Hart took a nasty fall off the apron, and Allin and King took a big bump off the stage.


Thankfully, all seem to be okay. King took to Twitter to make light of about his aching back. Allin also took to Twitter to provide an update on his head wound. Allin revealed in a photo that the wound required at least five staples, but he said it was "worth it." King also provided an update on Hart, saying that she "made it out safely" and thanking everyone for their concern. When Hart was knocked off the apron, her entire upper body went over, rather than through, a table, causing her head to slap against the concrete floor.

Although the match will be remembered for it's brutality, it will also be remembered for the surprise debut that led to Hart's table spot, as the legendary Great Muta did a run-in.


With his last match coming up in the beginning of next year, Muta has come to AEW to work with his old rival Sting. Instead of attacking Sting, Muta blew his mist into the eyes of Matthews, which knocked him into Hart and sent her flying off the apron. Sting took advantage and won the match for his team.