Sting Talks About Great Muta After His Surprise Appearance At AEW Grand Slam

AEW's "Grand Slam" edition of "Rampage" saw Sting and Darby Allin team up against The House of Black's Buddy Matthews and Brody King. During the match's closing moments, it seemed as if Mathews had Sting handcuffed and defeated before the surprise AEW debut of Sting's long-time rival, The Great Muta. However, instead of attacking Sting, Muta actually helped him take out Matthews and win the match for his team. 


AEW caught up with Sting after the match, and he gave his insights about working with Muta one more time (per Twitter). "To have him [Muta] here at "Grand Slam" in America, one last time, [the] bottom line is: I have bragging rights. It's always showtime when this guy is around." 

Sting and Muta have been involved in over 70 matches together as both rivals and teammates. Their last match happened in 2004 when they teamed up to defeat Diamond Dallas Page and Satoshi Kojima at "HCW Battle Hawaii." Sting will also honor Muta's career as he's heading to Japan to take part in Pro Wrestling NOAH's "Great Muta Final Bye-Bye Show" on January 23, 2023.

Friday's match also showed that Sting has plenty of gas left in the tank as he was involved in a highly physical bout. King took a gruesome-looking bump off the stage, Allin received a gash on the top of his head, and in another spot, involving Muta, Julia Hart got tossed through a table, causing the back of her head to hit the concert floor. Fortunately, everyone involved has provided updates on their conditions, and they seem to be in better shape now.