Backstage Update On The Young Bucks Potentially Joining WWE

The futures of AEW EVPs Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, aka The Young Bucks, have been the topic of much speculation since this year's "All Out" pay-per-view. The siblings were involved in a backstage altercation with CM Punk following his rant at the post-event media scrum, which saw him tear into members of The Elite and Colt Cabana.

Following their suspension, rumors began circulating which claimed that the Young Bucks had out feelers to WWE. However, a new report from Fightful has revealed that the former AEW World Tag Team Champions haven't been in touch with the competition.

According to the report, sources close to the Young Bucks claimed that they've heard nothing about the brothers reaching out to WWE. Furthermore, the sources noted that they wouldn't know who to speak to in order to determine whether there was interest to sign them within the WWE camp. Fightful also revealed that the Young Bucks were seemingly happy in AEW prior to "All Out," though it remains to be seen if the fallout from the backstage altercation has changed their mindsets.

Of course, this doesn't mean that WWE isn't keen on signing the Bucks. One source who's close to WWE management told Fightful that the company would be open to Matt and Nick joining. The duo almost signed with the company in 2018 after all, and the source believes that WWE officials would be open to negotiations. That said, the source didn't reach out to anyone in WWE to see if there was any substance to the rumors about the Young Bucks sending out feelers.