Backstage News On The Young Bucks Reportedly Reaching Out To WWE

Despite the fact that it was recently reported that The Young Bucks have sent out feelers to WWE to gauge their interest once their AEW contracts run out, Dave Meltzer has claimed that Nick and Matt Jackson have denied the situation during the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio."

While it was noted that the former AEW Tag Team Champions do talk to people in WWE, that is something that is considered to be normal due to friendships that they have made over the years in the business. Of course, there is still a possibility that feels were sent out, but the brothers have claimed it did not happen privately.

The Young Bucks have always been open about the fact that they did negotiate with Triple H in the past about potentially joining WWE before AEW was created, but they ultimately opted to back themselves and work alongside Tony Khan to create a new promotion following the success of the ALL IN event. 

The two men are currently suspended by AEW, alongside their former AEW World Trios Champion partner Kenny Omega and several others following the backstage brawl that allegedly took place following AEW's All Out event. It is unclear how long they are all set to be suspended for, or if there will be any further action against them, as there is currently a private investigation taking place to find out all the facts about what transpired between The Elite, Ace Steel, and CM Punk that night.

Fans have not heard from either of The Young Bucks since the situation took place, and it was recently revealed that the popular "Being The Elite" YouTube series is going on hiatus, which is likely due to their suspensions.