Tommaso Ciampa On Why He Is Living His Brother's Dream

Tommaso Ciampa, who recently got his first name back, has been on the main roster protecting The Miz for a few months now after having his last "NXT" match on Stand and Deliver hours before night one of WrestleMania 38. Miz has been one of WWE's main stars for over a decade, while Ciampa is new to the main roster after spending about six years in "NXT." In an interview with WrestleRant, two-time NXT Champion Ciampa discussed how he is currently living his brother's dream during his main roster run.


"I'm living my brother's dream because Miz is his, 100%, his favorite wrestler," Ciampa said. "This is true as can be, I had to get Miz's number so I could send him this text. This is, I don't know, a couple of years ago, but I was like, 'Hey, it's my brother's birthday. Probably a weird request. Totally normal 38-year-old dude, couple kids, wife.' I said, 'But, he would love it if you just said happy birthday. I didn't know Miz that well and he literally sent this facetime message to my brother."

Miz has been in WWE for nearly two decades at this point and has accomplished much more than many ever anticipated him. Ciampa revealed his personal thoughts and feelings about Miz and what he has overcome. "He's played a role in my career," Ciampa said. "I'm a big fan too, like, you know, it's kind of easy for me to talk about, 'Hey, two-time Grand Slam Champion. Guy that main-evented WrestleMania' ... That's a dude who faces adversity and has overcome, so yeah, it's been organic and it's been simple." Onscreen, The Miz is currently trying to avoid further kidnapping and terror inflicted by the seemingly psychotic Dexter Lumis.


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