Renee Paquette Weighs In On 'Anti-Diva' Saraya's AEW Debut

Renée Paquette was among the pro wrestling fans ecstatic about Saraya's return last Wednesday on AEW "Dynamite."

"I nearly sh** my pants," Paquette said on the most recent episode of "The Sessions" podcast. "I almost cried. I was so happy for this moment and the fact it came together the way that it did."


Paquette was in the arena when Saraya debuted last week and said she climbed onto a piece of AEW equipment to get a good video of the wrestler's return.

"Man, what a great moment that was to have Saraya join AEW, what this means for the women's division. Is there a bigger star to step in that spot?" Paquette said. "We haven't seen her wrestle in years, and to now have this massive presence for somebody who just lives and breathes pro wrestling? I think she's going to make a huge difference for them and I'm just so excited. It was such a cool moment, what a pop."

AEW "Dynamite" has not featured more than one televised women's match since February 9, 2022, according to the Cagematch database.

Saraya, who wrestled as Paige in WWE from 2011 until her retirement in 2018, has been widely credited along with former WWE stars such as AJ Lee and the Bella Twins for pushing WWE to give women more TV time. The movement led to WWE's "Women's Evolution" pay-per-view in 2018, and women's matches have since headlined WrestleMania in 2019 and 2021.


Paquette said Saraya "kick-started" the women's rise in WWE and she hopes her return can do the same in AEW, where the women's division has not been featured as much as company officials initially said it would.

"You think of her being the anti-diva," Paquette said. "You look at all those matches she was having, I feel like she was the backbone of really kind of changing what this was, what women's wrestling was and is."

Paquette added: "It's time to start really showcasing these women and giving that great TV time, great matches, all that."

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