Natalya Is Directly In Hurricane Ian's Path

It's that time of year where hurricanes become a concern, and Hurricane Ian (currently a Category 3 storm, though it could intensify to Category 4) is expected to hit Florida within the next day before making its way up north. The storm has already had an effect on pro wrestling, with AEW CEO Tony Khan making tomorrow's "AEW Dynamite" episode voluntary for AEW personnel in Florida, which is the home base for many wrestlers both in AEW and WWE.


One of those wrestlers is WWE star Natalya, who, along with her husband, WWE producer TJ Wilson, lives in Sarasota, Florida, which is expected to be affected by the storm. Natalya took to Twitter earlier on Tuesday to provide fans with an update on how she and Wilson are preparing for the hurricane.

"We are currently in the direct path of Hurricane Ian, but we are in a safe enough spot not near the water, and have been preparing for the storm as much as we possibly can," Natalya tweeted. "We haven't been asked to evacuate but we're taking the storm very seriously. Hoping everyone stays safe."

According to the New York Times' storm tracker, Hurricane Ian is expected to hit the Western Florida coast around 8:30 pm EST on Wednesday evening before continuing to travel north. It's expected to hit Tampa Bay by 8 am the following morning, by which point it is projected to be a Category 1 storm. As it continues to move further up, it's expected the hurricane will eventually turn into a tropical storm, should its projected course remain the same.