Renee Paquette Can't Get Enough Of WWE Star Getting A Push

Right now, only one star is the talk of the wrestling world, and that is the Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn. His recent work alongside The Bloodline has seen him gain huge reactions from the WWE Universe, as well as critical credit from those in the business. During her latest episode of "The Sessions," Renee Paquette became the latest to praise him, saying, "I cannot get enough of Sami Zayn."

"I just think his character is so great. You talk about what a key player he is in terms of if you just want entertaining segments, he is it," she said. "Also, let's not forget the guy is a incredible professional wrestler, like when he puts on matches holy s***, the guy's insane. But yeah, you give him some TV time to be creative and be himself, and do this character it's incredible. I love watching everything he does."

During the latest episode of "WWE SmackDown" Roman Reigns teased kicking Zayn out of the group, but instead pulled off a great surprise by handing him an official Honorary Uce shirt, making his position in the group official. This led to him celebrating with all the other members (other than Jey Uso) and Paquette made it clear that she thinks, "he's so great."

"Seeing him get to do the things that he's doing right now, and really getting that spotlight and people really understanding the talent that is Sami Zayn is just exceptional," she said. "I love him."

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