NBA Star Has WWE's Brothers Of Destruction In His Soles

Pro wrestling and sneakers; can you name a more iconic duo? These days it seems that the wrestling world and sneakers are often coming together, whether via collaboration, or one simply being a fan of the other. And it seems fitting that, as The Young Bucks and theĀ Lucha Brothers collaborate with Diadora on a new line of shoes, NBA superstar Damian Lillard would come up with a shoe dedicated to another notable tag team.


This past Saturday, Lillard tweeted a photo of his latest upcoming shoe, which has a notable wrestling influence

"A little preview of a Kane v. Undertaker themed #Dame8 Player Exclusive I had made," Lillard tweeted. "More details soon."

The influence of the Brothers of Destruction on these sneakers can be seen in the soles of each shoe. The right shoe sees Lillard covered in a purple hue, similar to the Undertaker, while the left shoe sees Lillard wearing a Kane mask, surrounded by the proverbial hellfire and brimstone. Keeping with the Brothers of Destruction theme, one of the shoes is colored red, while the other is gray.

As of this writing, neither the Undertaker or Kane have commented on Lillard's tribute to them via sneaker. The five time NBA All-Star likely has many other things on his mind anyway, as he looks to regain his form following an injury-plagued season that saw Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers, the team Lillard has played for since entering the league in 2012, miss the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade.