Booker T Addresses Malakai Black's Comments About AEW Status

AEW star Malakai Black has been a hot topic since he released a statement earlier this month explaining why he requested his AEW release. Reports would follow that Black was interested in a return to WWE and was on his way out of AEW; however, that story was refuted by Black himself. The dark and mysterious leader of The House of Black took to Instagram live this week, asking, "Why are people still writing that I got my release [from AEW]? Why do you trust these people to tell you the truth?"


As the situation has progressed, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has been watching from the sidelines, and on his latest episode of "The Hall of Fame Podcast," Booker provided his two cents about what's going down.

"If Malakai was released or he got his release, why wouldn't he come out and say it himself?" Booker asked. "He never said it. He never said it once, and we never reported on him leaving or anything like that because there again, I don't know what's real here on the internet. My thing is this: It would have been very, very simple for him to say, 'Hey, I got my release from AEW. I'm going to be taking some time off, and hopefully, I'll see you guys later on.' None of that was ever said, and for me, we knew when Cody was gone. We knew exactly when the timeline was up, and for something like this, for me, it just seems like it was made up to create a story about another potential WWE guy wanting out."


As noted, Black assured fans in his message that he would be back in AEW "in a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months."