Shawn Michaels Clarifies How Long He Has Been A WWE VP

It was recently revealed that Shawn Michaels has been named the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative for WWE, but while it was something that only got made public recently, he revealed to My San Antonio that he has actually "been a vice president for the last year or year and [a] half." The Heartbreak Kid took on increased roles behind the scenes when Triple H took time off last year due to his health scare, which led to Michaels taking charge of "NXT 2.0" during its major change from the black and gold brand.  

"I am not someone who talks a lot [to] the wrestling media ... It was just recently I was promoted to senior vice president," Michaels said. "They just never publicly said the other one, so a lot of people think a lot happened in a week or a week and a half. But I came [in] as a coach then last year became VP of talent creative and then, just recently now, got the senior position." Michaels is set to have a lot of work in the near future when the company officially launches "NXT Europe," which is planned to be the next phase in WWE's developmental plans following the closure of "NXT UK," and he admitted, "the role continues to get more stacked."

"I will not just be leading "NXT" but "NXT Europe" as it continues to expand. But, it has been busy. Very busy. But also great deal of fun," he said. "But it is something I am enjoying a great deal." While Michaels is clearly busy backstage for WWE, fans will get to see him back on television during the upcoming October 10 episode of "Raw," which will see D-Generation X reunite for their 25th anniversary.