Goldberg Believes He Accomplished His Goal As A Pro Wrestler

Bill Goldberg has never been hailed as one of the most technically gifted wrestlers on the planet. That said, the 55-year-old is certainly one of the most famous grapplers to ever step into the squared circle. The WWE Hall of Famer rose to prominence in the 1990s and he's remained a main event attraction ever since. All in all, he's had a pretty good run.

During a recent interview with "WWE's The Bump," Goldberg revealed that he's proud of his career in sports entertainment. Furthermore, he said that he's managed to achieve everything that he set out to do. "I wanted to be the guy that, no matter what had happened prior, you had to sit down and take two to five to eight minutes of your time and be solely invested in what's on the screen. And I think I accomplished that," he said.

The legendary Superstar went on to say that he wanted to appeal to all age groups and demographics, whether it was children or elderly women who discovered him by accident. "Whether you were a wrestling fan or not, I wanted to capture your imagination for that short period of time. I think I did a pretty good job."

Goldberg's last match occurred at this year's Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia, which saw him lose to Roman Reigns. While the Hall of Famer doesn't have any matches remaining on his contract, he did reveal on "WWE's The Bump" that he'd like to give "The Tribal Chief" a "receipt." Goldberg teased another showdown with Reigns earlier this year as well, so his in-ring career might not be over quite yet.