Eddie Kingston Addresses The Future Of Malakai Black

Malakai Black's future in professional wrestling has been the subject of a number of rumors and tons of speculation recently. There were claims that he, and his House of Black cohort Buddy Matthews, had designs on leaving AEW and potentially rejoining WWE. This came after Black made it clear in a personal statement that he was taking time away from the business. However, Black was forced to address the situation yet again, going live on Instagram to insist that he is not leaving the company amidst unconfirmed reports that had him receiving a conditional release.


Now talk has shifted among fans as to when Black could make his return to the ring, and while fellow AEW talent Eddie Kingston may not have an exact date for when we could see Black again, he told Bleacher Report that, when it does happen, he sees him "doing big things." 

"I've known Malakai for about 15 years, maybe more. I don't know. Yeah, I first met him when I was doing tours out in Germany," Kingston said. "He's going to be a star when he's ready and when he wants to. And I wish him nothing but the best and I wish him all the happiness in the world — him and his wife [Zelina Vega of WWE] — because I know them as people."

Even with all the back-and-forth confusion about the House of Black leader's future, one thing he has made clear is that his primary focus right now is dealing with some things in his private life. The human aspect can often get lost in these conversations about contracts and backstage affairs, but Kingston knows all too well how important what happens beyond wrestling actually is. 


"I don't know them as just performers or whatever, or pro wrestlers. But, as a human being, I know him, and he's gonna be okay. And I know that, and he has a good support system around him," Kingston explained.