Bayley Is Excited For Upcoming WWE Milestone

Bayley is looking forward to marking a major anniversary in her career next year. Appearing on "The Five Count" podcast, the WWE star said January will mark her 10th year with the WWE.

"I can't believe in January I'll almost be here for a decade," she said. "And that sounds crazy, because I remember not even thinking I could make it a month."

Bayley said the career marker is even more special because of how few wrestlers remain with the company for that amount of time, pointing to Trish Stratus' six-year WWE career and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's seven-year run.

"They've both come back, and these guys come back and do things here and there, but to be in WWE consistently for 10 years is just a dream come true to me," Bayley said. "And to feel like I still have things to contribute and things I can do to help the women's division and the company as a whole is just awesome. It's been the greatest dream come true."

The inaugural Women's Grand Slam Champion has pointed out there's still more she wants to accomplish in the WWE, including winning the women's Royal Rumble match and headlining WrestleMania.

"I still haven't main-evented WrestleMania, and I feel like that's a big deal to everybody, especially because it's been done a couple of times now in the women's division," Bayley said. "I would love to do that, or just have a singles title match at WrestleMania. [I] would love to win the Royal Rumble, but those are just like little things."

Bayley is currently a part of the Damage CTRL faction with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, and recently challenged Bianca Belair to a match for the "Raw" Women's Championship at WWE's Extreme Rules event next month.