Bayley Names 'Childhood Hero' She Wants WWE Match Against

Ever since returning at WWE SummerSlam with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai by her side, Bayley has been focused on overtaking the women's division. She will have her best opportunity yet to do so when she steps into the ring against Bianca Belair to challenge for the "Raw" Women's Title at Extreme Rules on October 8. Despite major opportunities that lie ahead and the accomplishments she's already achieved, Bayley told "The Five Count" what plans she has for the remainder of her career before she hangs up the boots for good.

"There's a lot of women in NXT that I would love to, you know, do some stories with, tell some stories with, but I still haven't main-evented WrestleMania, and I feel like that's a big deal to everybody, especially because it's been done a couple of times now in the women's division," Bayley explained. "I would love to do that or just have a singles title match at WrestleMania. [I] would love to win the Royal Rumble, but those are just like little things. I think the bigger picture is just to leave the division in good hands, and that's what Damage CTRL is all about; so I wrote on a post that Rome wasn't built in a day, so I know it's going to be a little bit until I can feel satisfied."

Another feat left to accomplish for the once-hugger-turned-heel is to step into the ring against a WWE Hall of Famer, someone who took the women's division by storm during her era and racked up four women's title reigns along the way. "I would say [I want a match with] Lita because she was my childhood hero, and I feel like that would be the cherry on top of the story of my career."