Saraya Comments On 'Rusty' AEW Dynamite Performance

After making her AEW debut at "Dynamite: Grand Slam," fans were clamoring to know more about Saraya's signing with the company. What was she doing in AEW? Would she be wrestling once again? And with the wrestler formerly known as Paige getting the microphone for last night's "Dynamite," we thought we'd be getting some answers. However, Saraya admits that she was a bit off during her first promo, in which she put over Toni Storm, brought out other wrestlers in the women's division, and, following an exchange with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D., announced a Lumberjack Match stipulation to Storm's title defense against Serena Deeb. 

Quite a few fans took to social media to point out that Saraya was not at her best during the segment, one which Saraya herself acknowledged she was a bit nervous about in the moment, having hadn't been in such a position in a while. The day after, she knew she got caught sporting a little bit of ring rust and tweeted about it

"On a good note, I'm so proud of the women yesterday. Not only did they get more than five minutes to have a match, it was the first ever Lumberjack Match, a woman on commentary, and a good portion of the roster being showcased," she said, before adding, "That's a win (even if I was a little rusty)."

Saraya was not involved in the match itself nor any of the ringside activity, but she did sit in on commentary for all of it. Recent word was that she had not been medically cleared to for in-ring action. However, the financial terms of her contract would suggest that she'll be stepping into the squared circle to wrestle at some point.