Andrade Hits Signature Triple H Pose

Andrade El Idolo appears to want his freedom. This week, the AEW star released some cryptic social media posts which have led people to believe that he wants to leave the company. That said, it's also possible that he's trolling or up to something else entirely. However, his latest tweet is bound to fuel more speculation about his future in Tony Khan's promotion.

The leader of the La Faccion Ingobernables took to Twitter on Friday, September 30, and shared a picture of himself performing Triple H's signature D-Generation X pose. He also posted another mysterious message that alluded to being open to negotiations elsewhere. "Great conversation and amazing day!! If you want to talk! Text me (407) 708-9577 app #DmX," he wrote. Afterward, he stated that he can "answer your questions" and signed off with "#FreeElIdolo."

Does this mean that Andrade is teasing a return to WWE now that Triple H is in charge of creative? Or is he messing with the online wrestling community? It certainly isn't Andrade's only recent Twitter activity to suggest that he's unhappy with his current position in AEW. On Thursday, he retweeted a post from Twitter user @Unpaid_Critic, who noted Andrade's lack of in-ring time lately — even while other wrestlers are injured and absent. 

Prior to these latest developments, the luchador posted another tweet with an hourglass running down, possibly hinting that he was counting the days until his AEW contract expires. Days later, however, Andrade's compatriot, Jose the Assistant, tweeted his own hourglass, suggesting that they are currently working on a storyline.