Road Dogg Recalls The Night Kevin Federline Beat John Cena

It seems that WWE's "Road Dogg" Brian James, like many wrestling fans at the time, wasn't exactly a fan of Kevin Federline's 2006 appearances on "Monday Night Raw." The former DX member took some time on his podcast "Oh, You Didn't Know?" while discussing celebrity appearances in wrestling to talk about what didn't work when it came to Federline scoring a win over John Cena, of all people.


"Well, I'd rather [that had not] happened," James said. "That was another David Arquette moment for me. The good part about it was it was during Kevin's 15 minutes of fame, but he never truly had that fame, you know what I mean? Truth be told, this was probably the biggest moment of his life. ... I just think this one didn't hit good."

James put Cena over as a true professional for going along with the segment, even suggesting that the idea of giving Federline the win might have been Cena's in the first place. "It's business. He was asked to do it," James stated. "It might've been his idea, because that's how John Cena works. He thinks about the bigger picture, he has a vision. Look, mission accomplished."


Federline is perhaps best known for being the ex-husband of pop megastar Britney Spears, as well as his part in the controversial custody battle that followed the pair's divorce. His appearance on "Monday Night Raw" coincided with the release of his 2006 album "Playing with Fire," which peaked at the 151st spot on the Billboard charts.