QR Code During WWE SmackDown Leads To Big, Bad Clue

It appears WWE's series of White Rabbit teases are indeed leading to the return of Bray Wyatt.

On the 9/30 episode of "WWE SmackDown," the latest QR code – which appeared during a Karrion Kross promo segment – directed fans to another mysterious video with animations of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. However, the happier shots of the fabled characters quickly pivoted to menacing images of a butcher shop and an evil-looking wolf with glowing red eyes. In between, there were also images of butchered heads and legs of pigs.


The video ended with a morse code, which, per Fightful, translated to "AZAZEL REBORN."

Furthermore, the video included an image of a white bunny in the far left corner, with the filename "TS_10E6." This could be linked to episode 6 of season 10 of "The Simpsons" where Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit was played. The white bunny image filename also included a phone number – 8554895099 – accompanied by an audio clip. According to fans on social media, the audio, which played in reverse, sounded off the following words: "Bravo. Echo. Lima. Alpha. India. Romero. I am the way into the City of Woe. I am the way into the eternal sorrow."

Interestingly, WWE's QR code URL was titled wwe.com/1911, which fans immediately connected to an image of Firefly Funhouse Bray in a Mad Hatter hat with the numbers 19/11. You can view the old image here


Also, the source code of the URL included the message "Drink More Ovaltine." 

The Wyatt teases didn't end there. Later on "SmackDown," a fan standing directly behind announcers Michael Cole and Corey Graves held up a sign that read, "Revel in what you are." Wyatt had tweeted this exact message in 2019 while appreciating Rob Schamberg's artwork for The Fiend. 

As noted earlier, the big White Rabbit reveal is expected to take place at next Saturday's Extreme Rules premium live event.