Backstage News On How White Rabbit Storyline Is Influencing Triple H

WWE's cryptic teasing spots anchored on the 1967 Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" has created both buzz and revenue for the company.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that "White Rabbit merchandise was also a hot seller over the past week," and there is reportedly talk that Chief Content Office Paul "Triple H" Levesque would be interested in doing more marketing campaigns of a similar nature.


WWE's White Rabbit campaign began earlier this month, with the classic rock song played in arenas during live shows amid glaring red lighting. The campaign was initially not part of the WWE broadcasts, but attendees at the live shows began sharing their observations of the unusual music choice on social media, and subsequently, mysterious QR codes began to pop up in the telecasts.

Speculation began to bubble over whether the "White Rabbit" song was tied to a return of former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt, who was fired last year. Additional theories have percolated in recent days, with White Rabbit connections tied to Karrion Kross and Ken Shamrock (another ex-WWE star). The endless teasing helped drive up the September 26 "WWE Smackdown" broadcast to its greatest numbers in nearly two years: a 1.52 rating with 2,535,000 viewers and an 0.63 in 18-49 and 0.44 in 18-34, the latter representing a 51.7% spike from the previous week.


Wyatt has yet to show up in relation with the White Rabbit campaign and there have yet to be any confirmed reports that he has rejoined WWE — although Levesque recently spoke of him with generous praise during an interview. More teases are expected for the September 30 "Smackdown" in Winnipeg, with the angle possibly paying off at the October 8 Extreme Rules event in Philadelphia, which suggests WWE will be busy selling the sizzle before finally serving the steak — or, in this case, the rabbit.