Drew McIntyre Names Current WWE Star Who Should Induct Him Into Hall Of Fame

Drew McIntyre feels inextricably tied to one WWE Superstar.

Drew McIntyre was recently asked about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction on the "Hollywood Raw" podcast, and after some deliberation, McIntyre picked his long-time friend as his ideal inductor. "Oh god, it's gonna end up being Sheamus, isn't it?" The Scotsman said jokingly, deeming it to be somewhat of an underwhelming yet honest answer to the question. "He's been there since before we both got signed, through the good times and the bad times."


Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have become two of the top stars in the WWE since they both made their main roster debuts back in 2009. While they've both taken radically different roads to where they are today, Sheamus and McIntyre have cemented their legacies as multi-time world champions and have grown a close friendship over the years.

The frequent adversaries on WWE TV have been known to be quite the opposite behind the scenes. McIntyre continued, "I'm the Best Man at his wedding coming up, he was the Best Man at my wedding." This close bond has even amplified the in-ring brutality that Sheamus and McIntyre bring when wrestling against one another. "We give each other hell," McIntyre elaborated, "We fight more than me and my actual brother fight, and people get to see it on TV."


The prospect of Sheamus's induction speech does worry the Scotsman, however. In his last words regarding the topic, McIntyre said, "God, do I want him to do it? After all the things he knows?" which led to a chuckle from him and the hosts of the show.