Teddy Long Capitalizes On Mass Blocking Incident

Last week former "WWE SmackDown" General Manager Teddy Long was the talk of the wrestling world after his Twitter account went on a mass-blocking spree of people in the business. Many people ended up being blocked by the popular Hall Of Famer, with the likes of Matt Cardona, Mark Henry, and even the NWA's official account being blocked by Long, but he has now made the most of that situation. 


Long was unfortunately hacked, which is what led to the blockings taking place as he went on to explain that he was not the man responsible for making those decisions. He made that clear when he put out a message saying, "I haven't blocked anybody that it is not my page my page has a blue sticker." However, he is now selling a brand new t-shirt to capitalize on the buzz surrounding him at the moment, with Pro Wrestling Tees putting out a Tweet saying, "NEW ARRIVAL: Teddy Long – "You Got Blocked Playa!" The shirt features that phrase with Long's face acting as the 'O' in the word 'Blocked,' to showcase that it is all about him. 

Long ended up trending on Twitter last Sunday due to how many people were talking about him, as fans started deciding whether they were in "Team Blocked" or "Team Unblocked." The situation was a frustrating one for him, but it did remind everyone just how beloved Long is, with the new shirt allowing fans to showcase that support even further if they want to.