Andrade El Idolo Addresses Feeling 'Stagnant' In AEW

Andrade El Idolo is feeling somewhat underutilized and underappreciated within AEW.

"Right now, I feel a little stagnant," El Idolo said in an interview with "Más Lucha" that was translated into English by Cultaholic. "I feel like I want more."


El Idolo joined AEW in June 2021 after six years with WWE; he also competes in AAA, although Dave Meltzer's "Wrestling Observer Radio" reported that he is currently not on good terms with the Mexican company.

El Idolo spoke positively about his AEW his schedule — he will next be seen on the Oct. 7 "AEW Rampage" in a Mask vs. Career Match versus Preston "10" Vance — adding that his schedule during his WWE stint "was inhuman" due to scope of his work that never turned up in telecasts.

"It was quite a lot," he said. "People cannot imagine, they think because he is fighting on TV, it is the only time he fights. There are non-televised matches in other cities, other countries."

Since joining AEW, El Idolo has been positioned in the mid-card, although he gained attention via feuds with PAC, Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes.


"Right now, it's difficult because I want more," he said. "I feel like I want more now that Rush is back. It's the pressure that we want more."

Andrade's conciliatory tone differs from other messaging that suggested he would be happy leaving AEW — he put out tweets featuring the hashtag "#FreeElIdolo" and an hourglass running down. He also took to social media to duplicate Triple H's signature pose, suggesting that he might want WWE's Chief Content Officer to get in touch with him.