Stipulation Announced For Cora Jade Vs. Roxanne Perez At WWE NXT Halloween Havoc

After feuding for several months, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez will once again come to blows in a "Weapons Wild Match" at the upcoming Halloween Havoc premium live event. 

On the season premiere episode of "NXT" this week, the former best friends-turned-rivals appeared as guests on The Grayson Waller Effect talk show, where Perez admitted she was battling "mixed emotions" during her previous match against Jade at "NXT" Heatwave. During the closing stages of that match on August 16, Perez contemplated hitting Jade with a kendo stick, but threw the foreign object away, allowing Jade to hit a double underhook DDT onto the kendo stick for the pinfall win. 


This time around, Perez plans on showing no mercy to her former tag team partner.

"I feel nothing, I'm going into this match with no emotion," Perez told Waller.

At this point, Jade started to mock Perez for crying her way into getting a rematch, before saying that people will realize after Haloween Havoc that Perez is nothing more than "a whole lotta Internet hype, and not a whole lotta talent."

Waller would then cut off the women to deliver two scoops, with the first announcement being that Jade and Perez will choose their opponents in two singles matches on "NXT" in a few weeks. He made it clear that "the entire WWE roster is fair game," hinting that main roster Superstars could visit "NXT" to wrestle Jade and Perez.


The second announcement was that the Perez vs. Jade match at Halloween Havoc will be decided by a "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal" stipulation. Waller then proceeded to the ramp to spin the wheel, revealing that the bitter rivals will wrestle in a "Weapons Wild Match" on October 22. 

Immediately after the stipulation for Haloween Havoc was determined, Perez and Jade began brawling in the ring and had to be broken up by WWE officials. Meanwhile, Waller was ambushed by Apollo Crews, who proceeded to gouge Waller's eyes before chasing him across the ramp.