Finn Balor Alludes To Scrapped WWE Plans With Roman Reigns

One year ago, Finn Balor was featured in the main event of WWE Extreme Rules, challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. At the end of the match, Balor's Demon character received a boost from red lighting and his entrance music playing. All of his momentum came to a halt when he climbed up the turnbuckle and the top rope snapped. Reigns hit a spear and pinned Balor to retain in a finish that felt flat to many viewers.


During a recent episode of "Superstar Crossover" with Josh Martinez, Balor was asked about his opinion on the finish of that match.

"I feel like it's just been left open ended. The finish hasn't been addressed," Balor said. "There was an idea to go a different direction, but then Brock returned and the direction changed. So that's something you have to come to terms with and understand in WWE is there's always gonna be—if one piece of the jigsaw changes, the whole landscape changes. If someone gets hurt or someone returns, there's always gonna be different ideas for plans in place. You just gotta be able to adapt to the ever-evolving situation. That's what you have to do."

"The finish to that match has definitely caused some water cooler talk, so to speak," Balor added, saying that the fact it's still being discussed a full year later makes it self-evident. Balor believes that the events of Extreme Rules 2021 will be revisited within the next few months.