Mike Chioda Reveals How Tony Khan Feels About Referees

Mike Chioda had a former big name in AEW pushing for him to be an intricate piece to AEW's referee ranks, but it never came to fruition. Chioda joined "The Universal Wrestling Podcast" to talk about some of his shots with AEW where he happened to officiate some marquee match-ups.


"Tony Khan is not a big fan of the referees," Chioda said, laughing. "He's bringing in all the talent. I'd love to be there. I would have love to been there and worked a little bit wherever or whatever he wanted me to do. I remember Cody [Rhodes] trying to get me in to train the referees or to help them out or just to do my thing."

Chioda, who is 56 years old, said he would enjoy still being an active referee but he doesn't plan on officiating past the age of 60. He gave credit to Khan and AEW for creating their own identity.

"They got a great vibe going on over there. I know things are out of control a little bit or something going on, but that just comes with talent. You gotta have certain guys running that certain decision of talent relations that control the talent."


Chioda feels that there is another massive way for All Elite Wrestling to make money and garner a greater audience.

"They don't travel international, I don't know why. They should make it and break it out to internationals. I think they'd really sell out and make a lot of money."

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