Big WWE Stipulation Match Set For The Miz And Dexter Lumis

The Miz appears to finally be facing his fear in the ring next Monday night on "WWE Raw," and it's all thanks to D-Generation X.

On last night's episode of "Raw," Miz' wife, Maryse, threw an in-ring birthday celebration in the ring for her "Awesome" husband, complete with a birthday cake. Of course, in-ring celebrations with cake are the Chekhov's guns of professional wrestling, the party was inevitably crashed by Dexter Lumis, who was been stalking Miz and his family on WWE programming for weeks, and the segment naturally culminated with Maryse face-planting into the cake.

Backstage, Miz was irate at Lumis, expressing a desire to get rid of him in any way possible. This allowed "Road Dogg" Brian James, who was in town for the 25th Anniversary of notorious Attitude Era stable D-Generation X, to play booker, proposing that Miz face Lumis next week, under the following stipulations: if Miz wins, Lumis is gone from WWE forever, but if Lumis wins, Lumis gets a WWE contract (which, in storyline, he doesn't have) as well as Miz' birthday presents. Miz agreed to the match, but as of this writing, no official announcement has been made.

Lumis was one of the first surprise talents brought in during Paul "Triple H" Levesque's reign as WWE Chief Content Officer, and since then, the former "NXT" star has had his sights set on the Miz. Throughout the course of the last several months, Lumis has shown up to torment Miz in the audience, through the ring, under the ring, and even in his family home. No explanation for Lumis' actions has been provided to this point.