Booker T Points Out Why The Undertaker Character Worked While Talking Bray Wyatt's WWE Return

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE at Extreme Rules this past Saturday to an incredible ovation, but it left a lot of questions as to what is next for him. During his "Hall Of Fame" radio show, Booker T made it clear he wants to see "a little bit of a different Bray Wyatt" than what was displayed before when the character starts to be showcased.

"I loved a lot of the backstage segments, the interview segments. Always was captivating and made me feel a certain way ... but then some of the stuff kind of wasn't the wrestling that I wanted to see," he said. "I thought that Bray Wyatt could really do both, be that storyteller and be able to draw you in just by the way he speak to you, but then when he go out in the ring, his in-ring performance matches that same intensity."

An issue that WWE had when booking The Fiend character was how invincible he was at times, and Booker said people would be questioning, "how can he lose?" which he thinks made it "really hard to beat him." That was the complete opposite to another supernatural gimmick from the past, The Undertaker, who managed to find the right balance between mystical and human, Booker said. 

"The Bray Wyatt character for me is the character that I would be really, really trying to lean into, just because that character has got legs, it could go forever," he said. "That's what made The Undertaker work, he was The Undertaker, but he was still beatable, he was still a guy that could go out and his shoulders could get pinned to the mat in certain situations."

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