Ronda Rousey Bemoans WWE Not Letting Her Be A Heel When She Is A Heel

WWE Extreme Rules has come and gone and Ronda Rousey is the new "SmackDown" Women's Champion. Rousey battled Liv Morgan in a brutal Extreme Rules Match in which the former won by submission.

Prior to their match, the two faced off several times in segments in and out of the ring. On the September 30 edition of "SmackDown," tension rose to its peak when Morgan came out with a baseball bat in hand and attacked Rousey following her match, leading to an all-out brawl. 


During a live stream on her YouTube channel, Rousey touched on the segment and her gripes with the fan reactions. She expressed how she thought Morgan's attack on her was a cheap shot, but despite that, people still praised Morgan.

"I feel like that's a double standard that everybody else gets to attack me from behind, gets to hit me with bats, gets to do all this other stuff, and [fan's reaction are], 'Oh what a commendable, inspiring babyface.' So I'm like, what the heck. I can't even be a heel when I'm a heel."

Prior to her feud with Morgan, Rousey had been working as a babyface. But at SummerSlam, Rousey finally made her heel turn after attacking the referee following her loss to Morgan. Despite the switch, Rousey continued to be placed in matches against heels like Natalya and Sonya Deville.


The brawl also saw a funny moment in which Morgan threw the bat at ringside and somehow bounced its way inside the ring. Rousey amusedly touched on the scene and was equally amazed as the viewers.

"[I] didn't see that coming," she said.

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