Raven Responds To Eric Bischoff Never Considering Him A Top Player

Scott Levy, better known as Raven, has wrestled in multiple major pro wrestling promotions in his career. Whether fans remember him from WWE's hardcore division, as leader of The Flock in WCW, or as an ECW original, he has largely stayed true to his loner persona, commonly asking the crowd, and sometimes creative teams, "What about me? What about Raven?" 


While Raven's character and promo work is remembered to this day, for whatever reason, he never reached the top of the mountain in WCW. Raven was recently on an episode of former WCW Senior Vice President Eric Bischoff's "83 Weeks" podcast and had the chance to address his former boss directly about why he was never seen as a top player by the company.

"I would venture to say that I was a top guy in ECW and made more than just noise," Raven said. "I have to differ with Eric completely ... He's entitled to his opinion. You know, at this point in my life it doesn't bother me one iota. It bothered me, it bothered the hell out of me at the time, you know, it's why I left."

As alluded to, while in WCW from 1997 until 1999, Raven did not find as much success as he would in WWE or ECW but did hold championship gold twice in Ted Turner's company. The first was the WCW United States Championship, which he only held for a day before losing it to Goldberg the next night on "Nitro" in under five minutes. His second title reign lasted a little longer, he won the WCW World Tag Team Championships alongside Perry Saturn in 1999, which they held for 22 days.


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