MJF Has Mutual Respect For Top WWE Heel

There aren't many people in the professional wrestling industry that MJF likes, but one person he at least respects is WWE's Baron Corbin. The two men have previously interacted on social media, and the AEW star told "NotSam Wrestling" that "The Corbster is a great guy," as he weighed in on why they appreciate each other.


"I just think mutual respect ... if you are not watching every product out there available then you can't be the best version of yourself, and then you won't make the most amount of money," he said. "Corbin's a guy that understands that, so he watched my product, he saw me, I watched his product, I saw him, and we both went, 'Yep, that guy gets it.'"

When it comes to interactions that fans would like to see from WWE and AEW talents, MJF and Corbin coming together certainly qualifies. Considering that MJF consistently teases the idea that he is open to working for the highest bidder in 2024, it could end up being an option.

"I feel one day, somehow, me and him will share a ring together," he said. "I think maybe even tag, who's to say. Will that time be coming up soon, shortly, who's to say?"


Corbin might not be a guy that fans are constantly praising for five-star classics inside the ring, but MJF believes, that "he's another guy who was supremely underrated for what he was able to do bell to bell." Despite this, the AEW star thinks "that's gone by the wayside too, and people are fully aware of what he's capable of."

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