Bray Wyatt Delivers Heartfelt Words To Live Fans On WWE SmackDown

Bray Wyatt poured his heart out as he addressed his 18-month absence from the wrestling business on this week's "WWE SmackDown" in New Orleans, LA.

Wyatt walked through the same shining door as he did at Extreme Rules, with a lantern in hand, and to brand new theme music. However, he wasn't wearing a mask and was dressed simply in a t-shirt and jeans. Wyatt would then blow out the lamp before greeting some fans in the ringside area. 


In the ring, Wyatt was showered with thunderous "Welcome back!" chants as he looked genuinely moved.

"I am incredibly grateful and really, really nervous," Wyatt began. "I never thought this would happen. This right here, this is just me, OK? This is a version of me I never got to introduce to you guys before. This is just me, genuinely being me for the first time."

Wyatt then teared up as he touched upon the emotional hurdles he's had to battle during his time away from WWE.

"I just want to share with you; this past year, I lost a lot of things," Wyatt said. "I lost my career, I lost my self-confidence, I lost two people who were very, very close to me. And I lost my way. I got to a point where I thought that everything I did here [in WWE] was meaningless. I felt like nothing I ever did mattered to anyone, but I was wrong. Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and went back into the world, all I heard was people saying, 'Thank you, Bray. When are you coming back home?' Every once in a while, I would meet some truly remarkable people, who would tell me, 'Thank you, Bray, I was in a time of need and felt weak but I found your words. I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.'"


At this point, a huge "Thank you Bray" chant broke out at Smoothie King Center, as Wyatt continued to tear up. 

"I can sit here and look at all of you and say you were all there when I was weak, vulnerable, and down," Wyatt continued. "Thank you; you all saved my life. You wouldn't let me alone. Every time I tried to run away and hide, you would always find me and chase me. You are the reason..." 

Suddenly, Wyatt's speech was cut short and the lights went out. The Wyatt 6 moth logo then appeared on the screen, following which Wyatt's new creation, introduced at Extreme Rules, spoke directly to him.  

"Oh little one, my little one," said the masked figure. "Come with me, your life is done. Forget the future and the past. Life is over. Breathe your last. You have no idea who you're dealing with. But you will." 

The show went off the air following the mysterious video. Fans on social media believe the masked figure could be the brains behind the Wyatt 6 stable, which is rumored to include the likes of Bo Dallas, Joe Gacy, Alexa Bliss and Grayson Waller. While, there's a lot of speculation regarding Wyatt's new character, and whether he'll actually be part of a stable, we could get more answers during next week's "SmackDown" in Toledo, Ohio.