DDP Gives Update On Reality TV Series With Buff Bagwell

Diamond Dallas Page has provided an update on his upcoming docuseries, "Change or Die" and close friend Marcus Bagwell (FKA Buff Bagwell).

"We just finished filming," Page revealed to "Battleground Podcast". "When people first found out that I was working with Marcus Bagwell, his bookings went through the roof and he started making more money because they knew that they could depend on him. Marcus is a great guy, but he's still an addict."

As previously noted, the show was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and will see five people move into his "Accountability Crib" as he aids them in their journeys to change their lives for the better. As of writing, there is no word as to where the show will be airing, but Page has mentioned that fans can expect to see it on a major cable network.

"You'll see this one girl in it. She's his niece and Marcus was the dad that she didn't have. Marcus was there her whole life and she's like his guardian angel. Between her, me, Steve and Josh Nair, we all get together and start to help him. He had to go to rehab first, but right now he's doing great so we'll see how all that plays out."

Bagwell's addiction has been chronicled in the past, with him being arrested in August of 2020 and May of 2021 for impaired driving under the influence of prescription medication. He had previously expressed his desire to get better after the second arrest and turned to Page after he made WWE reportedly denied his request for help after reaching out to them.

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