Baron Corbin Praises Triple H For WWE's New Creative Direction

There's been a lot of change in WWE as of late, which is something Baron Corbin acknowledged during an interview with the "Johnny Dare Morning Show," as he praised Paul "Triple H" Levesque for "bringing this fresh vibe" to the company since taking charge of creative. 

"He thrived during the Attitude Era ... I think he's bringing some of that attitude and pushing the envelope, and bringing the aggressiveness back to WWE, and I think it's an awesome thing," Corbin said. "He wants to keep the entertainment as well, that's the art, the art is to stay entertaining. I am not just a big bad guy that's tough and beats everybody up, how can we do it and be entertaining, and funny, and witty? But then, also you want people to be in the audience and go, 'Dude, I want nothing to do with that guy in an alleyway.'" 

WWE's main roster has had a lot more in-ring product since Levesque was named WWE Chief Content Officer, and Corbin believes that he is "bringing a lot of fresh, new aspects to it," which is something that has seemingly helped the morale improve behind the scenes.

"It's an art, and I think Triple H is one of the absolute best at that because I think he helped create that," he said. "It's pretty awesome to have him putting his touch on a lot of things and really giving us some stuff that's different ... I think it's getting people excited, and it's really helping it thrive again, and being back in front of people and all of that, it's special right now."

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