Jerry Lawler Names The Greatest Thing He's Ever Done In WWE

WWE's "Table for 3" series consists of three wrestlers getting together to tell stories over dinner, and the result is often an interesting look at past rivalries and friendships. In the latest episode, Jerry "The King" Lawler sat down with Bret Hart and Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane, to discuss the New Generation era of the company in the early to mid 1990s.

One of the topics of conversation that came up between the three was the classic feud between Lawler and Hart, which also involved Jacobs, who was then portraying Lawler's infamous evil dentist henchman. "To me, the greatest thing I've been involved with here in the WWE was our rivalry," Lawler said to Hart. "[The] 'Kiss My Foot' match, and all the things that led up to that match. I just enjoyed that so much." It didn't take long for things to get personal in the lead-up to the match, with Lawler embarrassing Hart's parents on the air, causing some backstage to believe there was genuine animosity between Hart and Lawler. Even Lawler himself believed he might be going too far at times. However, according to Bret, most of that heat came from his brother Owen. The aspect that bothered Bret was Lawler getting a little too physical with some of the props involved in the storyline.

While Owen initially got his brother worked up over the things Lawler said, when the pair got home and spoke to their parents about it, Stu and Helen Hart both laughed over the angle. From there, Hart spoke to Lawler once they were back on the road. "You can say whatever you want," Hart said. "They love it!" The feud would eventually come to an end with Hart victorious, and yes — Lawler would eventually kiss Hart's foot, even visiting Jacobs' Isaac Yankem DDS character afterwards.