Alexa Bliss Post Has Fans Buzzing About Possible Bray Wyatt Connection

A WWE star's latest Instagram post has fans buzzing about a possible reunion of one of the eeriest partnerships in recent memory.

Alexa Bliss posted a selfie Monday on Instagram, donning black eyeshadow and a KISS t-shirt, while captioning her post: "Welcome to my nightmare...I think you're gonna like it here."


The five-time WWE world champion also used the hashtags #throwback, #darkside, #spookyseason, and #onlyone along with her caption. Although the post may simply be a Halloween post combined with a reference to the recent return of Bray Wyatt, fans immediately began wondering if Bliss was potentially teasing a reunion between the two stars.

"Foreshadow????" one user commented, while another added, "Have you let him in again Lexi?" 

Bliss and Wyatt had been paired up in the WWE prior to Wyatt's firing from the company back in July 2021. However, Wyatt returned to the WWE at its Extreme Rules pay-per-view event earlier this month and made his first promo on last Friday's "WWE SmackDown," and rumors have since swirled about a new six-person stable with Wyatt at the helm. Among those considered as the most likely to join Wyatt's potential new stable include former partners like Erick Rowan, as well as Bliss, who appeared alongside Wyatt from 2020 up until his departure from the company last summer, and betrayed him his is last WWE match at Wrestlemania 37.


The pair's reception was met with mixed reviews, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said Bliss' character and the duo's feud with Randy Orton were simultaneously the "worst of the year" in each category in 2021. However, the WWE crowd's reception to Wyatt has been resoundingly positive as the company teased his return, with fans loudly chanting "holy s***" while he made his first appearance in more than a year.