Sami Zayn Points Out Important Dynamic Within The Bloodline

The Bloodline has been atop the WWE since almost the moment they were formed, with Roman Reigns and The Usos dominating their respective divisions, unifying both belts in each with Paul Heyman by their side. The group ended up adding another member in the form of Solo Sikoa, The Uso's real-life brother and cousin to "The Tribal Chief," but the group also picked up an extra member, this one not family attached. Sami Zayn has been the talk of the town in the WWE, maneuvering his way into the "Honorary Uce" category of The Bloodline, creating dissension in the group since he joined.

Over the past several weeks, Zayn has had issues with Jey Uso, who has been reluctant to accept the "outsider" in the group, getting heated wherever the two interact. The former three-time Intercontinental Champion spoke with WWE Germany about the issues him and Jey have been having, encouraging him to give him a chance with the faction.

"The weirdest thing is we've always been very cool," Zayn said. "You can see videos even from us in "NXT" when they came down there, we're dancing together, we're hanging out, we've always gotten along great. I do think that the rivalry he had with Roman Reigns a couple of years ago, in my opinion, did something to him. To become the right-hand man in all of this is obviously a position he takes very seriously. I kind of understand not wanting to roll out the welcome mat to an 'outsider' at first, but at this point, come on you know. Come on Uce!"

'So much of our friendship backstage over the years is now being shown on TV'

Despite having a strained relationship with one half of The Usos, Zayn and Jey's brother Jimmy have been portrayed as the best of friends, to the point where they've even established their own "secret" handshake. WWE's Twitter even added more fuel to the friendship, posting a clip of Zayn and Jimmy's handshake before tonight's "SmackDown." Seen in the clip is a distraught Jey, standing to Sami's left as if he doesn't believe Zayn is being genuine.

"Everybody's been talking about Jey and I, Jey and I's dynamic and I've been worried that they're kind of forgetting about Jimmy for a second because that's a very important dynamic here too," Zayn said. "The fact that Jimmy loves me and I love him. They posted the video in Brooklyn of me saying 'how do you not love Jimmy?' And the fans are just going crazy, we're doing our secret handshake and it's just so cool. Like I said, I've known these guys for almost 10 years now and I love them and I'm so glad. That's how we are backstage and so glad we get to do this in the ring now, so much of our friendship backstage over the years is now being shown on TV. I'm so happy that we get to do it on TV."