Vince McMahon Bet Trevor Murdoch He Couldn't Knock Out This WWE Star

Trevor Murdoch has always loved a good throw down, whether he was teaming with Lance Cade in WWE or now when he's NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. It turns out former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon enjoyed that side of Murdoch. While discussing his team with Cade on "Ten Count,"Murdoch revealed how McMahon motivated him to hit harder than usual during a tag match.


"We wrestled an old school style, and it got the higher-ups excited because we would go in there and lay the wood to guys," Murdoch said. "And Vince would kind of get a hard-on for that s**t. 'That's good rasslin' there.' And you know, there were a couple times when that helped us out, too.

"One time he old me, 'Trevor, I bet you can't knock Bob Holly out with that boot.' I took that as, okay, that's the boss the giving me the iggy that, okay, I need to lay that in. I know the match, I won't pick it out, but you can watch, as soon as I hit the boot, Bob's arms go up in the air. And that's just the mentality that we had. We ran roughshod over guys."

Another person who didn't mind Murdoch's hard-hitting style? The opponent in question that he put the boots to.


"I know it sounds like I'm talking about Bob, but Bob's an aggressive wrestler," Murdoch said. "One of the things that I enjoyed about Bob is that he gave you everything you gave back, and didn't b***h about it. Bob's one of those guys that, when he got to the back, he didn't get up and get angry at me or anything of that nature. He knows that it's just part of the business."

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