Goldberg Recalls Uncomfortable Experience On Donald Trump's The Apprentice

Bill Goldberg is a lot of things. He's been a World Heavyweight Champion in both WCW and WWE, not to mention WCW's fifth Triple Crown Champion. And while his most recent WWE match took place as recently as February, Goldberg keeps himself busy outside of the squared circle with various film and television appearances. One such appearance came in 2010 when the "Santa's Slay" star appeared on Donald Trump's reality television show, "The Celebrity Apprentice." And if his re-telling of his interactions with Trump are any indication, Goldberg didn't walk away with the warmest of feelings for the future president.

Speaking on a recent episode of Roman Atwood's "The Untold Stories," the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about his experiences on the show.

"Do you know that I tried to get fired from The Apprentice from the first day I arrived?" Goldberg said. "It was one of the most miserable experiences of mine."

Despite Goldberg's best efforts, it took more than three weeks for "The Celebrity Apprentice" to show him the door. But he knew from the start of the process that Trump wasn't ever going to win everybody over.

"He was a piece of work, man," Goldberg remarked. "I knew that dude wasn't gonna be the most popular guy in the world when I figured out that he really didn't have any social skills. Like, zero ... You'd go up and you shake his hand, and he has no social skills. He doesn't know how to interact with a person one-on-one without putting a front up. He was uncomfortable."

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