Taya Valkyrie Comments On Potential WWE Return With Triple H In Charge

With a slew of recent returns to WWE of former talents, there's no telling who may show back up and when. That includes Taya Valkyrie (known as Franky Monet in "NXT"), who isn't counting out being back in the WWE mix as a possibility. 


In an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Valkyrie said she'll "never say never" on returning to the company she called home in 2021. Valkyrie signed with WWE in February of that year before vignettes started popping up in "NXT" in April promising the arrival of Franky Monet. She would make her wrestling debut for the company in May and, by late September, she had already earned a title shot for the "NXT" Women's Championship. Unfortunately, Valkyrie was among a number of people released that November due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite how her WWE tenure ended, Valkyrie told Wrestling Inc. that her "attitude has changed" about the situation, and coming back isn't out of the question with Triple H at the helm. "At first, it was just shocking, and I was upset, and I was mad, because I never felt –- I still don't feel -– like I got an opportunity to shine," she said. "And there were a lot of things that were completely out of my control, obviously, such as the pandemic."


She continued, "It really sucks, because I didn't get that chance to work one-on-one with Paul — Triple H — or Shawn Michaels on a regular basis. And I just wish that I'd gotten that opportunity as well." Valkyrie added, "So, I definitely now would be like 'never say never.' You never know. But everything, the universe always has a plan."

Valkyrie returned to AAA for her third stretch at the end of 2021, in addition to working for Impact Wrestling and Major League Wrestling, where she will soon defend her MLW Women's Featherweight Championship on October 30, at the 2300 Arena, for "MLW Fightland '22." She explained to Hausman that she has strong enough belief in herself that whatever happens, she'll be fine. "I have faith in my work ethic, what I bring to the table, the person that I am not only as a wrestler but also as a human," she said. "And I know that any opportunity I will let go and run with it."