Taya Valkyrie is one of the most prominent female names on the professional wrestling scene. Still, many forget that the current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion also had a short stint in WWE as Franky Monet.

Valkyrie recalled a lot of talk about her being paired up with her husband, John Morrison, during her time with the company.

“Let’s get real here — that was a huge motivator for me to go to WWE,” Valkyrie candidly stated while speaking on “The Sessions.” “Not only because I trying to accomplish this dream I had since the beginning of time, but also to be reunited with John because we did some of our best work together in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling.”

Valkyrie continued to say that while many individuals want to hear her bad-mouth the company, she views her time there as just a tiny fraction of her life that is what it is. She signed with the company in mid-February of last year and made a series of appearances in NXT before being released in November as part of the latest budget cuts.

Valkyrie also revealed that she immensely struggled mentally after being released because she was taken aback. She stated that she did not see the whole thing coming and started to doubt her abilities soon after. She questioned whether or not she even wanted to wrestle again and admitted that it took her a long time to feel ready to wrestle back on the indies. She said she took time over the Christmas holidays to spend time with her family and didn’t take any bookings until she was ready in mid-January.

“It took me a long time to get my feet wet again, even though I had accomplished a million and two things before ever going [to WWE].”

Valkyrie made her return to “Impact Wrestling” during the Multiverse of Matches event in early April. She is currently one-half of the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions alongside Rosemary.

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