Zelina Vega Names Win At WWE Saudi Arabia Show Biggest Of Her Career

Don't ever say these things don't matter.

At last year's Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, WWE's inaugural Queen was crowned — and that Queen was Zelina Vega. With today being the one-year anniversary of that moment, Vega took some time to reminisce on just how meaningful it was to her. Taking to both Twitter and Instagram, she described it as "the best moment of my career thus far."


Vega defeated Doudrop in the Queen of the Ring Tournament finals at Crown Jewel with an impressive Code Red to cement her place in the history books, and in the process, achieved what she views as one of the few historical achievements still available in the wrestling business. With WWE reportedly considering bringing back the full King of the Ring show to its premium live event schedule, there may be more Queens on the horizon. But nobody will ever be able to take away from her the fact that Vega was and will always be the first.

"There's not a whole lot of "first evers" left so I'm blessed to say that I have one," Vega wrote.

On the October 7 episode of "WWE SmackDown," Vega made her return to WWE programming by joining forces with Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, &andCruz Del Toro of Legado Del Fantasma. She had previously been sidelined with an injury and hadn't been seen on television since April. While LDF's promotion to the main roster was simply seen as "a matter of time," the idea of adding Vega to the fold reportedly came about more recently.