Goldberg Gives Update On His WWE Contract Status

Bill Goldberg's WWE contract is coming to an end soon, according to the man himself. During a recent interview with the "RomanAtwoodPodcast," the WWE Hall of Famer revealed how much time he has left on his current deal while recalling a story about an interaction he had with Stephanie McMahon.

According to Goldberg, his relationship with WWE has never been "a hundred percent on the up and up" due to the fact he played he was a pivotal part of the company's main competition, WCW, during the "Monday Night Wars." Afterward, he revealed the length of his contract while getting sidetracked.

"I can't remember what the point of this story was, but I've been hitting the head way too many times, quite obviously, as you can see in real-time......Stephanie [McMahon], if you're listening to this, my contract ends in two months, so don't hold this against me."

Goldberg continued talking about McMahon after revealing the details of his current contract, stating that she asked him to stop headbutting doors when he joined WWE. "I put my head through a lot of things across the country from 94-97, and I guarantee you half of them are still there," he added.

While Goldberg's contract might be on the verge of expiring, the 55-year-old seems open to extending his deal. Earlier this year, he teased another match in WWE following his loss to Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. The Hall of Famer also discussed his intention to step back into the ring during a recent appearance on "WWE's The Bump," claiming that he owes Reigns a "receipt."