Booker T Believes Evolution Of Top WWE Character Was Needed

We are back down the creative rabbit hole of WWE that only Bray Wyatt is capable of digging. Ever since he returned at the company's Extreme Rules event earlier this month, fans have been watching along as the new narrative of his character unfolds before our eyes. On a recent "WWE SmackDown" episode, we witnessed an emotional Wyatt coming out to the ring to address the fans with love. However, as he was wrapping up, the same masked figure that appeared at Extreme Rules appeared and told fans they will soon know who they are truly dealing with.

Similar to how fans have become enthralled with where the Wyatt story might be headed, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T appeared on the most recent "Hall of Fame Podcast" to discuss the unpredictability of this new Wyatt. But amidst the excitement, Booker also emphasized that further evolutions of Wyatt's character are necessary. 

"Bray Wyatt came back and he cut a promo, and he cut a promo as his real self ... But I think Bray Wyatt being more real is the direction that I think that character may take and I think it's the character that I would want to see because I feel like I could do so much more with that character."

Booker is seeking a believability factor that he believes wasn't present with past iterations of the Wyatt character. "That's going to need to evolve into something that we can all look at it and say, 'Yeah, I can buy that. I can believe that. Yeah, okay, I get it.' And if we don't get to that point right there, it's going to be something that –- just like the Bray Wyatt before –- it was hard to work with."