DDP Describes Ronda Rousey's Behind-The-Scenes Personality

Ronda Rousey has recently been displaying a much more aggressive heel attitude on television, which has led to a push for her as she regained the WWE "SmackDown" Women's Championship. However, on the latest episode of "DDP SnakePit," Diamond Dallas Page explained they she and her husband are actually, "really sweet people, just down-to-earth people."

While she might be the complete opposite of her character behind the scenes, DDP also believes that the former UFC star is "kind of like Mike Tyson," who is another sporting legend that decided to make the move into the professional wrestling world.  

"When that girl is walking through the curtain, she's a beast, and she was a beast in UFC," DDP said. "She's a Mike Tyson, when she was in her groove and owning it, nobody could beat her. When she got to that spot when she did get beat, then it was time for her to come and do our stuff ... She had the run as the toughest woman on the planet, and she's going to keep that title forever because the only reason there is women's mixed martial arts is because of Ronda Rousey. She's a trailblazer, what she did she went out there and she owned it."

After defeating Liv Morgan to become champion again in WWE, it is unclear what the next rivalry will be for Rousey — though she has set an open challenge for next week's "SmackDown." However, DDP does believe she will face the current WWE "Raw" Women's Champion, Bianca Belair, in the future, which he thinks "could be a hell of a build ... Bianca, she's the real deal too."

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